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On 11th January 2020 I authored an article published by the Mail on Sunday. The thrust of the article and the reason I wrote it was supposed to have been about trauma and specifically Complex-PTSD with which I am diagnosed. I suggested in the piece that I had been able to bypass important checks and balances in the gender transition process and that the NHS had not adequately pursued my background trauma, for which I have since received extensive and intensive therapy. In fact, the Gender Identity Clinic have been very good to me.


The article was never intended to be a weapon in the subsequent ‘Anti-Woke’ culture wars fuelled over the past two years by the right wing, including The Daily Mail, Mail on Sunday and mailonline publications.


I have the utmost respect for those who transition gender, or who are gender fluid, and I made clear that I support them whilst also advocating a third gender as a possible way forward in addition to those who transition gender fully from male to female or female to male. I also balanced this by suggesting we may also need to respect certain ‘cis’ female spaces. This is an important debate which should be discussed in a supportive, not confrontational, way. The exact opposite of what is now occurring, including in publications from the Mail. The transgender topic has become the scene of an obscene battle and I distance myself entirely from the crass simplicity of the right-wing anti-trans agenda. 


Gender identity is nuanced and complex including, but not restricted to, the biology of gender which cannot be simplistically reduced to whether or not someone has a penis: the literal way in which this debate has descended. The complexities of gender, as well as any discussion of those who transition female to male, has been steamrollered by an obscene 'Anti-Woke' right wing culture war. At the same time, many of those on the right, as well as extreme feminists, are fuelling what can only be described as trans hatred. 


Because of the manner of subsequent debate I distance myself entirely from the article I authored and I have today written to the Mail stable requesting that all instances of it, whether online or in print, be removed. I retract it.


R Hoskins

18th July 2022