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Richard runs child protection training for professionals: teachers, nurses, NHS, social workers, police, lawyers, NGO's etc.
The training covers latest Gov't legislation and guidelines. It is practical & scenario-driven, giving professionals in-post training on child abuse linked to faith or belief. It draws on  over 120 real cases on which Richard has worked. Staff will come away with relevant experience on how to spot signs and what to do about them.

Training can be full day, 1/2 day, or shorter talks 

Cost: £300 for half a day, shorter slots pro rata.

Richard can also give age-appropriate presentations about his work to pupils. Ideal for all and esp. those considering criminology, psychology, social work, anthropology, RS etc.

‘It was by far the best training I have attended for a very long time.’ (Headteacher)

'Thank you for an amazing seminar. Inspiring speaker. I was engaged the whole time and I could have listened to you for hours.’ (Teacher)

‘I gave everything a 5. I work in an EBD school and this has certainly opened my eyes up as to what can happen with these kids.’ (Teacher)

 ‘Excellent training’ (Head)

‘Fascinating case studies and so much to learn from your presentation and discussions.’ (Headeacher)

'I really enjoyed the session and got a lot out of it' (NHS)

'Fantastic talk ... we all got such a lot out of it'  (NHS)

'The best training I have ever been on, in my 11yrs of Nursing. Absolutely Fantastic!!! (Nurse October, 2017)

'Your sessions were extremely well received & very positively evaluated’ (Multi-agency)

'Fantastic: they could have listened to you for longer!’ (Police Education)